XL American Bully puppies Ethically BRED for sale

Welcome to Affinity Kennels, a specialty breeding kennel focusing on selling ABKC & UKC Registered XL Sized, American Bully Puppies. We are dedicated to providing you with the most secure way to add this perfect canine to your family.

how did We Achieve The Highest Quality In The AM. Bully Breeding Industry?

The Most Health Tested AMERICAN BULLY PUPPIES FOR SALE, With a 24/7 Staff Certified To Maximize QUALITY OF THEIR CARE TO THE FULLEST

Our breeder values create the perfect XL BULLY puppy match for all our customers

exclusive partnership with top recommended, certified vet with decades of experience in canine health.

The health of our American Bullies are of the highest Importance to affinity, that's why we use a single Veterinarian Office That Holds One Of The Best reputations within louisiana for canine health. we use them to administer all our vaccines & health screening tests along with regular check-ups to ensure that your american bully puppy is healthy for your home.

We Offer Worldwide shipping, focused on insured, safe, & secure air delivery within the continental united states.

to get your new american bully Safely in your home as fast as possible, no matter your location, Affinity is partnered with the best delivery service that has the best reputation in Dog shipping.  



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Cute BullyPit Puppy Laying On BlanketsAdorable XL Bulldog Bully Pup at just a few weeks old that we sold in the past.One of our sold, precious XL American Bully Pitbull Puppy dressed like mistletoe for the Christmas holiday.Majestic Bully Pup with more American Pitbull features that was sold in our previous litter.Precious XL Am. Bully Puppy that was for sale with more American Pit Bull Terrier features than usual.


Affinity Kennels was founded on the principles of trust, care, and honesty. Something that our clients don't see very often in this industry when they first begin their search for this truly unique dog breed that deserves more respect.

That's why we wanted to begin a new American Bully kennel that adopts these ideas and set a new standard for the highest quality breeding:

american bullies are not the same dog breed as american pitbulls!

Many people that come across an American Bully breed will find that they are extremely similar to the American Pitbull breed. Although very similar in appearance, since the American Bully developed as a natural extension of the American Pit Bull Terrier, alongside a smaller influence within the American Bulldog, English Bulldog, and Olde EnglishBulldogge breeds.

Our XL American Bully Breed Is A Match Made In Heaven For Families Of All Sizes, Young Professionals Looking For An Emotional Support dog, & Even Older Aged Retirees Searching for the best Companionship Animal.

So why did they decide to give the am. Bully it's own breed?

Unlike a pitbull, which was originally bred as a Utility Dog, is prone to more aggressiveness and is not recommended to first time dog-owners due to their intermediate difficulty in training.

Alternatively, US bullies were classified as a Companion Dog, meaning they have less of a primal need to perform tasks and more of an emotional need to their owners. That's why American Bullies are better suited for families, as opposed to the Pitbull which will not be as patient or submissive when it comes to following the family authority.

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One of our new Affinity Families posing with their handsome Bully XL Puppy because this breed is perfect for a loving home!

coming from the american PITBULL TERRIER, xl bullies were made FOR A FRIENDLY FAMILY ENVIRONMENT

Their easy-going and mild temperament combined with their eagerness to please owners makes them easier to train.

Contrary to popular belief, the American Bully breed is NOT an American Bulldog and are completely different in terms of personality.

American Bullies are a companion dog breed, meaning their purpose is to fill your home with warmth and love, without any predisposition to aggressiveness.



Regardless of whether you are a family looking to increase the love of your home with the perfect warmth, while also having peace of mind that the American Bully will not cause any issues for the household like most other dog breeds.

Or maybe you're a recent college grad, turned young professional looking for a loyal and protecting companion to join you as a sidekick in this new chapter of your life.

Regardless of your needs and household situation, if you are looking for a companionship dog that is easy going and good at behaving, while having a regal body frame that serves as a display of stength, look no further than our current litters.

Another Affinity Kennel Customer holding her fetching XL Am. Pitbull Bully Puppy who serves as an Emotional Support Therapy Dog!

our bully breeding process has the highest industry quality BECAUSE affinity is in our name

A family that we extend to your household, bringing with it a set of values, integrity, and customer service that make us the safest bet when choosing an American Bully breeding kennel pup for your next best friend.

Julie is a blue fawn with golden brown eyes and a smaller XL frame that is right at the height requirement for an XL measuring in right over 19, this shorter stature brings a beautiful balance of heavy breed type and great structure.
Our Affinity Family Stud Remy, a Chocolate Sable XL American bully, playing fetch.
Dainty, darling XL Bullypit Puppy for sale from one of our current kennel litters!
Newborn XL sized bully pup with extra American Pitbull traits for sale now from this recent litter!

what sets us apart from other american bully Pitbull breeders?

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