Are American Bullies High Maintenance?

An in-depth exploration as to whether the American Bully (different from the American Pitbull) dog breed is high or low maintenance?

At first this seems like a simple question, is one of the USA's fastest growing popular dog breeds hard to take care of? Or does it act in an obedient way that makes taking care of them easier than the average dog? Although dogs have multiple personality types across all the different breeds, many people can summarize them into 2 basic categories:

Tough to manage. Has high levels of defiant, aggressiveness, and/or anti-social behaviors, making it high maintenance for ownership because of how much more time and resources must be invested to overcome these natural and negative traits.

Easier than other dog breeds. Displays many forms of obedience and warm friendliness towards everyone, causing very low stress and anxiety levels.

If you came here for a short, direct answer: No they aren't much trouble to own, and generally have lower maintenance requirements than the average dog due to their selective breeding that crafted genes made to excel in companionship rather than a utility purpose such as the American Pitbull. 

However, the keyword is generally

Because dogs are all unique to their own personalities, your puppy is only influenced by their breed traits, but how they will act depends a lot on the individual canine, or more specifically the owner and how developed they choose to make their training. 

If they are properly trained and nurtured during their puppy phases, then the already loving/caring nature of American Bullies will be at its peak behavior which gives you the least amount of maintenance issues as an owner.

This is why our bullies here at Affinity Kennels carry such a high average rating among those who've joined our puppy family. From the day they're born they are put through an early life stage training process uniquely created by our founder & American Bully Breed Expert, David, to bring out the genetic sweetness in the bully DNA in the most effective way possible. 

He continues this until the day they're adopted, then is in the process of  preparing a one of a kind training regimen with easy to understand instructions on what to do to keep this crucial training in their lives. Because he shares the methods in ways that are simple to follow, even new dog owners can excel in training their bullies.

Their preparation combined with the organic, non-aggressive temperament that bullies have is what makes an Affinity Bully pup one of the industry's best examples of a low maintenance family dog.

A dog's maintenance level has to do with its breed characteristics and owners quality of training.

Remember the word to keep in mind is generally

Affinity Bullies are at the highest end of examples but others who buy their bully puppies from one of the many low quality breeders in the industry may find it harder to upkeep.

All pets carry a level of responsibility that will make it impossible to have it be easy enough to be neglectful. Low maintenance does not mean easy or have low amounts of consuming personal time. These amazing puppies were bred for emotional companionship so they will still require lots of love and attention!

The (false) reason why some think owning a bully will be a risky challenge.

Since the american bully comes from the american pitbull, and shares many of their features, the two breeds are easily mixed together.

In reality, the truth is that an American pitbull will require more maintenance than an Am. Bully because its genetics being a utility working dog will have more aggressive tendencies for its tasks.

The American Bully has a different genetic make-up. Its breed may look similar to the American Pitbull because of their shared characteristics in appearance. 

Due to this similarity, many bullies are advertised as xl american pitbulls for sale.

An American Pitbull will be a different experience altogether due to this difference.


Will it be different if I buy an XL American Pitbull puppy?

Yes, which is why the real problem with American bully myths is the misguided advertising of XL pitbull puppies being sold as XL Am. bullies and vise versa.

American Bully Breed = Multiple ‘bully’ breeds, but mostly American Staffordshire Terriers + American Pitbull Terriers

Because of this genetic makeup, American Bully dogs can have traits that more closely resemble the appearance of one or multiple breeds. 

Here are two examples of each breed:

American Staffordshire Terrier

American Pitbull Terrier

So while the American Bully looks larger than regular pitbulls, their faces can appear to be more Staffordshire Terrier or American Pitbull depending on the individual dog.

Why do bully breeders sell their puppies as XL American Pitbulls?

Despite the issues that come from myths surrounding the american bully, breeding kennels will market their puppies as pitbulls for the sole reason that they look like pitbulls (sometimes even more like pitbulls than the actual single breed itself).

This makes breeders market XL american bullies as XL american pitbulls instead.

Since the pitbull has a longer history it is more popular and well known, therefore making it easier to just advertise puppies as the latter.

More searches and demand for pitbulls makes it easy to conceal American bullies as such, with many people believing that ‘American Bully’ is just another nickname for the USA pitbull rather than a different breed altogether.

Lets face it, the American Bully is ‘Bullier’ than the pitbull, especially in the XL size, so many industry breeders just add to the complication by going along with this traditional practice of mislabeling the breed.

How much work will a legitimate XL American Bully Puppy be?

In conclusion, all this info points to an Am. bully puppy being less maintenance than an XL pitbull. This answer is very generalized and will depend on how the puppy has been trained in its upbringing, but if you want the least work possible when searching for an XL american bully puppy to join your family, Affinity Kennels is the most helpful breeder in the marketplace.

Our bullies are some of the best behaved and opposite of high maintenance examples for sale, which will help you stop searching and begin the process of getting a new best friend.

If you decide to continue your search outside of our puppies, keep in mind that not all XL pitbulls will be pitbulls if you are more familiar with that breed and know it's exactly what you want. If you are now considering buying an American bully then continue to research and check the background of the puppy from the breeder to make sure its a legit bully puppy.

Please feel free to contact our bully expert staff with any questions you may have about any topics discussed in the article or about American bullies, we will be happy to help you find the answers you’re looking for whether you end up buying one of our beautiful puppies or not!